Andrée Scown Johnson, PhD

  • Individual Consultation and Coaching - Individual consultation or coaching is provided with the purpose of assessing and addressing areas needing improvement within the context of the leader's current work challenges. The goal is to help individual leaders improve their leadership effectiveness by learning and employing new ways of interacting with, motivating and guiding followers to excellence.
  • Workplace Programs - The Center works onsite with organizations to provide programs designed to improve the workplace environment, effectiveness and collaboration, and overall organizational success. Training is groomed to improve specific areas of need identified in the initial consultation.  From vision-setting and the development of a collaborative culture, to improving communication in the workplace, leaders and entire staffs can benefit from a specially desiged workplace program which can run for several sessions to an entire year.
  • Seminars - Held in a variety of settings and for a variety of groups, the one-day seminars provide training in the key concepts behind building social and emotional intelligence as a leader. Special workshops on developing leadership creativity are also provided.
  • Retreats - The multi-day retreats offered by the Center are designed to take participants through an intensive and life-changing experience of personal and professional growth.  The retreat sites are chosen for their peaceful and tranquil atmospheres, creating the conditions for openness, reflection and the assimilation of the key concepts and associated skills.
  • Keynote Addresses - Organizations and agencies looking for a fresh approach to building a positive culture and climate, or a boost for leaders needing inspiration about how to cultivate the best in themselves and others, will find what they are seeking in a keynote address. Talks cover concepts in social and emotional intelligence related to organizational success, leader effectiveness and creativity as an inroad to developing strong leadership skills. Specific topics can be covered more in depth or in relation to a variety of settings and circumstances depending on the purpose and audience. 



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​​​Who Will Benefit?

  • Educational Leaders

  • ​​​Business Leaders
  • ​Women Leaders
  • Team Leaders
  • ​Board Members
  • Mentors & Coaches
  • Future Leaders

    The Center for Social & Emotional Leadership provides a variety of services to help leaders develop and strengthen the attributes of a socially and emotionally intelligent leader. The process is supported by tools to help participants tap into their unleashed creativity as leaders. The result is leaders who thrive, followers who excel, and organizations that flourish!​      

    The transformative role of the 21st century leader is more challenging than ever. In order to successfully navigate these challenges, leaders must employ an approach that allows them to guide followers toward change, while maintaining a healthy workplace environment built around trusting relationships. The ability to establish this type of organizational culture and climate requires that  leaders have the opportunity to develop a high level of social and emotional intelligence.

​     CSE Leadership provides cutting-edge training to help leaders improve the way they work with and through people to lead effective change and growth in their organizations.  Research shows that leaders who have strong social and emotional intelligence are the most innovative, successful leaders. Through individual and team consultation, on-site coaching, university courses, seminars, and retreats, leaders learn how to use social and emotional skills to increase staff morale, motivation, and cohesiveness, along with improving self-efficacy and creativity as a leader in the challenging high-tech, fast-paced environment of the 21st century.

    Specially designed programs are offered periodically for specific groups of leaders - educators, women, board stay tuned or contact the center to request services for your unique group.